July 14, 2014


To Whom It May Concern,

I am interested in finding a position as a HVAC, Lighting Salesperson where I can use my skills in Sales, Marketing, and Computers, and to be able to improve my knowledge of building efficiency and security.

My experience include sales of computers and computer related products and services, such as; networks, application and vertical software. I’ve also have had success in computer store sales management and store operations.

I have sold to small and mid-sized businesses, national accounts, and military/governmental agencies.

For the past couple of years I have attained energy efficiency certifications and have almost reached completion of an AA in Applications and System Software (All the MS Office programs, including networks and WEB Marketing/Commerce classes. I’ve taken classes and webinars in electricity and other building related subjects.

Some methods of my sales approach include consultative sales techniques, customer needs analysis, account planning and profiling, and includes relationship management and sales opportunity development.

If you are aware of any associates or friends who might be looking for an employee with my skills and interests, please forward the enclosed resume to them. Regardless of whether you are able to help me in my job search, I appreciate your time in considering my request.



Albert John Tavasci

(505-321-7951), atavasci@gmail.com, personal website under construction